• Books, Charts, and Software
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    book Layout
    Software Design
    In the beginning of my career I have been involved in book layout and technical graphic illustration. The books shown on the right are just a few books that I have worked on. These books were created in Microsoft Word and Adobe InDesign. The images were created in Microsoft Visio. Click each book to the right for samples images.
    I have also used my graphic design skills to create Quick Reference Guides (QRG) and reference charts. This QRG is on the Employee Central module of SuccessFactors. The reference chart is on the GD&T symbols in the ASME Y14.5-1994 standard. This QRG was created in Microsoft PowerPoint and the reference chart was created in Microsoft Visio. Select the QRG or charts to the right for a larger view.
    Besides developing the GD&T Trainer, I have also contributed to other software packages. For the ISO GPS Quick Reference, I was involved in creating the layout, glossary, various technical images, and developing an introductory video on this product as well. This software was created in Adobe FlexBuilder and the images were created in Microsoft Visio. Click the product image to the right for samples images.
  • Digital Instructor Kits
    Digital Instructor's Kits (DIK) are software applications used in classroom training. They include the course presentation, agendas, handouts, quizzes and final exam. I assisted in creating the technical illustrations and built the slide reveals. I also managed the development and maintenance of each Digital Instructors Kit shown. These kits are built in Microsoft PowerPoint. Click each product image to the right to view samples of that software.
  • Technical Writing
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    Software installs
    Best Practices
    The following articles were written as Thought Leadership Items used in company newsletters to promote eLearning and training. Select a title at the right to view that article.
    • Designing eLearning Courses That 
 Support Long-Term Memory
 • How the Cone of Learning Influences 
 the Design of Training Classes • Tired of Expensive, Ineffective, Instructor 
 Centered Training? Try eLearning!
    I wrote detailed installation instructions for several software programs The installation instructions shown on right are for used for installing the Local Area Network (LAN) and Web-based versions of the GD&T Trainer. Select each title to the right to view the install instructions for that software version.
    • The GD&T Trainer PE v3.4 - LAN 
 Install Instructions
 • The GD&T Trainer PE - Web Version 
 Install Instructions
    The guidelines shown at the right are for the Digital Instructor's Kit, the development guidelines are for converting the PowerPoint file into a Articulate Storyline file. The evaluation guidelines are for creating 7-day evaluation copies of the Digital Instructor's Kit for customer review. Select each title to the right to view their guidelines.
    • Digital Instructor's Kit - Development 
 • Digital Instructor's Kit - Evaluation 
  • WalkMe
    WalkMe is a cloud-based guidance and engagement platform. It guides users and directs them to action. I use the WalkMe platform to create Walk-Thrus a series of interactive tip-balloons overlaid on the screen that can be used to guide users through common tasks. I have built over 100 Walk-Thrus for SAP SuccessFactors and currently managed them for various customers. I am the main contact at Aasonn in charge of all WalkMe development. Click the Play button to view a video about WalkMe.